RESOLVED: Fresnel effect not working correctly on deformed geometries?

Could you please take a look at what I suppose is a Fresnel effect reflection that is not working correctly with deformed geometries:

I’m attaching an example project with simple handmade constant color PBR maps for metal and plastic materials. For non-deformed mesh we see whitish silhouette on the plastic ball and black silhouette on the metal ball when materials are smooth. If we enable noise deform of the mesh, this silhouette does not follow the shape of the mesh anymore. Do you think this might be a bug? Thank you!

I have Windows 8.1 laptop with Nvidia 965, running 2021.10330

is_it_fresnel_effect.toe (6.4 KB)

You need to re-create your normals with the Noise SOP to get correct lighting. You can use an Attribute Create SOP to do this.

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awesome, thank you, it solved the issue!

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