RESOLVED: GLSL TOP - exports, references not working.


I’m currently working with glsl tops and I’ve just updated TD.

I’m on windows10, and I’ve updated from:

The problem is that the basic GLSL top is not accepting exports, and references. For a few moments they work, and when I click outside, or to an other node, the exporting stops dead still.
This problem not affecting GLSL multi tops.
GLSL_export_not_responding.tox (1.48 KB)

Thanks for the report

The glsl1 as it’s Passes parameter set to 0, which is why it’s not creating any output. Do things look right if you change that, or am I missing something else here?

For the node ‘glsl2’, you arn’t actually using the result of the lfo1 expression so that’s why it’s not updating. It likely should from a UI perspective, but functionally things should work if that was being used by the shader.

Hi Malcolm!

Thanks for the reply.

I don’t think you understood the situation. The codes, the exports are the same, but the things which work with GLSL multi doesn’t with GLSL.

Both nodes should draw the same circle at the mouse position.
I attach some extra image and the example without any unnecessary node.
GLSL_export_not_responding__simplified problem.toe (4.05 KB)


The ‘Passes’ parameter is still 0 on the glsl1 node though in the new file. This is why the node isn’t working.