RESOLVED: GLSL TOP input not updating with CHOP

Hello, I am sending a CHOP value into an input of the GLSL TOP and the value is not updating, eve though the trail shows the CHOP is producing values. Not sure what I miss.
Example in attachment.

System - Apple M1 Max
TD Version - 2022-33910

glsl-op-input.toe (8.5 KB)

As far as I understand, trail chop is returning an array. You can get the length using an info chop. I was able to get this to work using:


Mmm, what I am mapping is the Math CHOP, not the trail. In Fact if I add a CHOP to DAT I can see the value (singular) being constantly updated. Its is really the GLSL vector uniform not getting updated.

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Oops, that’s my bad. Taking another look at your patch, changing from “bind” to “expression” works. The null is your remap chop.

I’m not an expert at how bind works, but I’ve only used it in conjunction with controls like sliders or creating TOX settings

You are right. That was the issue. Thank you, not a bug, but user (me) error :slight_smile:

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