RESOLVED: imageStore/imageLoad for Compute Shader outputs

I was trying to get a sense of what is going on in this TD project astra.7.toe (55.6 KB) , and in particular, there is a compile error in the compute shader (the ‘glslmulti1’ node) at line 23. From researching around generally, I saw that the imageLoad/imageStore functions let you read/write from image variables (as opposed to texture variables) - However, the compile error i’m getting seems to suggest that TouchDesigner doesn’t allow you to read from the output buffers of a compute shader? (so no read/write from the same image?). This seems odd, given that presumably this was all working on an old TD build 5 years ago -

Which td version and OS are you on?

the new 2022 release on macos (apple sillicon machine)

The ‘Output Access’ parameter needs to be set to Read-Write to be able to read from the output.

That fixes it, awesome, thank you!