RESOLVED: Index.dat saving multiple folders to desktop during Spotify streaming

Even when TD is closed and seemingly not running, it will save note data from Spotify every time I listen with the desktop app. Even after deleting the files, including the index.dat, they will reappear next time Spotify runs.

Index.dat does not seem to contain a link to Spotify but when running other programs such as Chrome or VLC, no audio data is saved. Looking through the file itself didn’t lead to any solution and searches related to the issue haven’t lead to anything useful.

Help on the issue would be greatly appreciated so that I could avoid having to clear my Desktop every time I listen to an album.

I don’t really understand your question, and/or what TouchDesigner has got to do with your Spotify problem.
TouchDesigner has got no components which interface with Spotify software.

I don’t think your issue is related to TD, although I imagine you could get the impression because from looking at your screenshot apparently *.dat files are set (on your machine) to be opened with TD.

Ahh you were right. It originated from Spotify, not Touch. Glad it was an easy fix. Thanks