RESOLVED: Licence not available after bios update

I just updated my Bios on my winndows machine with an educational licence.
The licence is no more recognized and I cannot even disable the licence “Key must be valid or expired : unrecognized format (5)”
Please, can you help me, I will give a class manday and I need my educational licence!
Thank you

here is the key dialog

Hey @jacqueshoepffner

Please email

Thanks !

Hello @JetXS, I have done that, hope they are not out for the WE!

It works normaly now, thank you for the reactivity

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For those wondering, when the system code is missing from the Disable page and the key will not disable, this means the system code of your machine has changed, and please contact us at to sort it out.

Updating BIOS, changing hardware, reinstalling Windows, and occasionally a major Windows Update are all things that can change the system code.

Getting the same thing after a CPU update.

I’m hoping that future updates make it so that I don’t have to email to get this resolved.

EDIT: Sorry for necro

@matijaerceg TouchDesigner doesn’t call home for license checks because many people operate TouchDesigner in environments with no internet for installations and live shows. Due to this approach for default licensing it is not possible to auto-release or let the user manually release keys. There are 2 other options that allow you to license TouchDesigner without using a locally ‘installed’ key which may work better for your workflow.
First is USB License Dongle for your license which is super reliable and secure, it will work on any machine with CodeMeter installed on it which is often worth the piece of mind. This is very popular with people who work on multiple computers and locations.
Second is converting your license to a Floating Cloud license which does require an internet connection every time you launch TouchDesigner.

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