RESOLVED: Logic CHOP always cooks if something is pulling from it

The Logic CHOP seems to constantly cook every frame as long as something is pulling from it. This is in contrast to something like the Math CHOP which will only cook if its inputs have changed. My guess is that this is because it’s capable of doing stuff like the rising/falling edge pre op or the convert input options. It seems like if it does need to always cook because of those things, then it would be good to have a simpler CHOP that just does things like AND/OR/XOR combinations without also doing the other more complicated things.

Of course, you can just do this with an Expression CHOP…

I ran into this issue as well. But it’s just checking bounds. If the bounds don’t change then the logic value shouldn’t change either.

For those simpler operations which do not require tracking input history, you can turn off the Time Slice toggle on the common page.
It should stop the continuous updates.