RESOLVED: Main window UI freezing


With some project i made, the main UI “randomely” freeze.
How do i know that it’s only the UI and not all touchdesigner that crash ?
When it freezing, i can use the keyboard shortcut, for example to save, and my mouse cursor is changing when i hover the edge of a node or when i drag and drop to navigate on the network editor.

In general, when it freezing, i save and restart my project, and it’s works well.
But with some project, it freeze at the start of the project, so if i’am fast, i can turn off the cooking button and work on the project to “optimize it” but when it freeze to early, i just loose my project and have to use the previous backup.

I think the probleme comes from my GPU. It is not an external card, it’s integrated in my CPU.
And when i use too many TOPs like glsl or noise, the project has more chance to freeze.
But sometimes, it freeze when i do a right click or a simple action like that.

My setup:
CPU: intel core i7-8700
RAM: 8Go
OS: windows 10
TD: 099 x64 build 2021.14360
All my driver are up to date.

Do somebody have the same issue ? Have you solved it ?
Which information i forget to tell you ?
Is there a way to start touchdesigner without cooking ?
Have you some advice about the building and organisation of my network that can optimize it and reduce freeze ?

Sorry for my bad english and thank you for your help :slight_smile:
Have a nice day

Its hard to say, but if you run out of GPU memory strange things can happen. Can you investigate how much of your GPU memory you are using? Right-click on any TOP for the information.

When you say UI, are you referring to TouchDesigner UI or a Panel UI you created and are showing in Perform Mode? You can save a lot of resources by running your project in Perform Mode.

I only use 357MB of memory for all TOPs.
I’am refering to the touchDesigner UI, the main window when you open touchdesigner.
But when it’s freezing at the start of TD, i can’t active the perform mode.

One example that juste happened:
I’have reorganized my project so there is not a lot of top in the same container.
Today i open it, everything is good, i have 60 fps in each container.
Then I put a limit top at the end of my network to normalize the image.
I don’t know why but the limit top is not cooking if i don’t press middle mouse button on it to have more information.
I press the middle button once again (for no reason) and all the TouchDesigner UI freeze (for no apparent reason too).
So i close and reopen the project.
I go back in the container with the limit top and at the moment when i enter in it, the UI freeze again

Can you share your file, we can’t reproduce this so far.

I rebuild this project from the original one by adding container by container. The UI freezed when i wired the last container wave_top_to_sop. Since, there i can’t open the file anymore, it freeze at starting.
https:// (i can’t post link cause i’am new on the forum)

When I run the file it opens and runs in 2021.14360. Is the file you attached the broken one that hangs on you or do I have to do something to change the file? Does it happen instantly? Unfortunately I can not reproduce it.

If it is hanging for you as-is, once it is hung up, go to Task Manager, right-click on TouchDesigner process and select “Create Dump File”. This will create a memory dump for us, it will be very large file but you can .zip it to be quite small. Please send this to so we can see where the hang in happening on your machine.

Yes, it appen instantly. When i start a normal project, the fps increase to 60, but here, it stop to 2 then the ui freeze.
When i started the task manager, i saw that even when the ui was freezing, the memory of touchdesigner was changing.
The mail is sended, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I bought a GPU card and the problem disappear.
Maybe the probleme came from the GPU simulation inside the CPU