RESOLVED: Menus are missing?

Is this a bug? I installed a parallel copy of latest build and now when I revert to previous version (via system restore and uninstalling/reinstalling 099.16600).
Windows 10.0.18362(might’ve reverted from an update on restore point ? not sure).

Basically the file menu pulldowns are missing ‘save,close’ , etc. ? Or have I somehow hit a key and minimized the interface? never seen this before.

now Ive reinstalled 16600 - still no file system dialog menus.
this all started when i attempted

extracting TouchDesigner099.2019.33020 to ‘a convenient place’ in documents creates a copy of TD that wont launch as non-commercial. the non-commercial warning dialog comes up, then it just dies and doesn’t start. I’m completely locked out of any working TD’s right now, and rolling back to a restore point didnt (122.5 KB)

OK - check this out - I have normal interface, with all the proper pull-down menus - until I install python 3.7.2 . (I need 3.7x for an API im working with).

It doesn’t matter if i install 3.7.2 with python path option or not .
Seems like the moral is you cant have python 3.7.2 on machine if you are using 16600.

I’m unable to reproduce this issue. It must be a difference between our Python envs somehow. Does the textport show any errors when that failing version starts up?
What options do you set when you install? What is your sys.path for Python inside of TD?
Do you have any 3rd party lib installed?
Should be able to fix this if we can reproduce it.

I do have 3rd party lib(s)
I have no access to the textport, so I cant see if there are errors.
I use the default options when i install.
My sys path for python - I cant get to that dialog to check. Im locked out of everything except [wiki],[forum],[tutorials]. I install 2020 build and everything is fine.

Tonight I uninstalled Python 3.7.1 and now I have working TouchDesigner (TouchDesigner099.2019.16600)

I installed python 3.77, without system path and it seems to coexist without issue so far.