[Resolved] Movie File In - Endpoint = First Frame

When setting the cuepoint via fraction to 1, the cue now jumps to the first frame of the moviefile, instead of the last one.

interesting - that is a debatable thing:
If on a looping media 0 = first frame and 1 = last frame then 1.x first frame and 1.9x last frame?
Basically 0 would have to be the last frame of the previous loop.

Does that make sense?

Hmmm, def. open for debate, as this makes sense in the looping context and, in fact, does not behave the same when the mode of the moviefilein is not set to looping but once instead. So, maybe not a bug perse.

Just rethought it: The CuePoint only goes from 0 to 1, and should regardless of the mode always point to the same frame!

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This always confuses me as well.