RESOLVED: NDI in TOP, Source Names not updating properly [Win10, TD Build 2021.10330]

I am trying to access the Source Names of an NDI in TOP, in order to monitor changes in available NDI Sources. I’m using the following code in an execute DAT:

def onFrameEnd(frame):
ndiList = op(‘sourcesNdi’)
for item in ndiList:

When the sources change, the Source Name parameter list isn’t properly updating. If a new one appears, it will show it. But if one gets deleted, it won’t disappear, leaving me with more available sources then there actually is.
I tried to reproduce this behavior in the NDI Studio Monitor Software. The source list was dynamically changing when the inputs were changing, indicating that it’s probably a TD bug.

Thank you for the report!

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Hi Ben, did you get a chance to look into it?
As a workaround I’ve tried it with the NDI DAT and selecting all sources that have an input different than 0 FPS. Unfortunately it appears that the source fps will only update if I manually select the corresponding source in an NDI in TOP

I’m not able to reproduce this locally. When I delete an NDI Out TOP on another machine, and then check the .menuEntries again, it’s now disappeared.

In terms of the NDI DAT, the FPS value is something we can only get once we’ve started streaming, since the NDI source doesn’t advertize it’s FPS as part of it’s annoucement.

Hi Malcolm,
I was producing the NDI Sources within the same instance of touch (basically as a placeholder for NDI sources that will later come from other applications). That was the problem, as soon as I changed the setup to produce the sources out of an extra instance of touch it solved the problem!
Sorry for the inconvenience caused here :slight_smile:
and thanks for the infos about the NDI DAT!