RESOLVED: NDI out not working


I seem to be unable to use NDI Out TOP. No source appears on the network.
NDI In TOP works.
It works using other software.

Using TD 2020.24520 Commercial under MacOS 10.14.6


Hi @Gallo,
I’ve been able to confirm it is working and my mac is also running 10.14.6

If you place an NDI In TOP in the same network beside the NDI Out TOP, does it connect?
What are you using on the other end for NDI Input, ie where and with what are you trying to access the stream.

hi @ben ,

NDI Out TOP stream is not visible anywhere outside TD (VDMX, NDI Monitor…) and in any other computer (Mac or Windows).

NDI In TOP inside TD in the same network doesn’t show either.

I have also rebooted

Will investigate further


Maybe post your system specs and if someone else has the same specs they can confirm or try it.

Yep !

Macbook Pro 15" 2018
CPU Core i9 2,9 GHz
RAM 16 Go
GPU Intel UHD 630 1536 Mo + Radeon Pro 560X 4 Go
OS : MacOS Mojave 10.14.6
TD : 2020.24520 Commercial

Was working with previous TD versions

I reinstalled : same isue.
I have deeply cleaned TD install and reinstalled : seems to work now…


Hi again @Gallo, can I ask what you meant by “deeply cleaned and reinstalled”? I would like to know in case this happens to another person I can tell them how to fix it.

Hi @ben,

I first just deleted the app in the app folder but didn’t change anything.
I ended up deleting the app itself and all other touchdesigner entries like logs, libraries entries (i.e. in the ./Library/Application Support directory) then reinstalled


Thank you very much, great info!