[RESOLVED] Open window and close window param

Hi there,

Has anyone ever had a problem where a WINDOW Comp doesn’t open when using a button to trigger the param?

I only have this bug on 1 machine while it works perfectly fine on other ones with the same build and previous other builds.

Strange enough an LFO Chop does open the window and close it when I connect it.

I’ve searched the forums but couldn’t find anyone with the same problem.

Running Win10 latest build.

Post an example? It should work.

Here’s a simple setup…

Works on all machines except my main one.

openwindow.toe (15.4 KB)

So I’m guessing it’s a bug in my system. Already did a full reinstall but no solution.

@prismax It also didn’t fire opening the Window for me, so we’ll look into this.

A workaround for clicking on ‘pulse-type’ button like that is using a script which can be more reliable. This is because this way because scripts will always fire and never miss where as other CHOP actions could get missed if you are dropping frames. For any Widget, you can add a callbacks DAT by clicking “Create/Edit Value Par Exec”. In this callbacks DAT you can add a script to .pulse() the button. Sorry to suggest the python rabbit hole for something so simple, we’ll look at fixing this case.
openwindow.3.toe (15.7 KB)

I’m also experiencing this when trying to export or reference a CHOP channel. Script solution works. version 2020.20625.


Hello Ben,

Thank you for the the workaround!
We’ll stick with the python way for now to be sure.