RESOLVED: openFrameworks documentation not working with current release

There seems to have been some changes to the OpenGLTOP sample project that break the documentation for making this project work with openFrameworks.

The project looks different from step 11 onwards:

  1. Go back to the “Solution Explorer” and open TOP_CPlusPlusBase.h. Remove the following lines:

#include <windows.h> #include

and replace them with:

#include “ofMain.h”

The two lines at step 11 no longer exist. Simply placing the ofMain.h include doesn’t compile claiming that it cannot be found.

Some of the remaining steps are also a bit confusing considering excecute() is already filled up with example code that should probably be deleted in order to make the oF example work.

Is there anyone that has had success compiling these versions?

Sorry Mickey, We will have a look at this tomorrow.

Just relaying some discussion info in this topic from the discord channel.

Compiling the online examples that you can download on that page currently give the following error:

TRACKER : error TRK0005: Failed to locate: "CL.exe"

Likely this is due to them being created in an older version of Visual Studio, I tried to compile them in the 2019 Community edition.

The steps I took to get it to work in latest 10k (compiled in Visual Studio 2019):

  1. Downloaded and the latest openFrameworks v0.11.2.
  2. Extracted openFrameWorksExample archive at openFrameworks root.
  3. Opened sln file (in this case I tested with inputTexture). When I opened it prompted me to upgrade to platform toolset v142 which I did. If there was no prompt then you should be able to go into the property page for the project and change it manually.
  4. These were setup against v0.9.0 and ofMain.h no longer seems to include ofGLProgrammableRenderer.h so I had to add #include "ofGLProgrammableRenderer.h" to the beginning of OpenFrameworksTOP.h to get it to compile
  5. Commented out the #error and set ofSetDataPathRoot to my data dir. This can be an absolute path even though the comment in there suggests it can’t be.
  6. Compiled openframeworksLib and then compiled OpenFrameworksTOP and grabbed OpenFrameworksTOP.dll from /bin

I’ll take another pass at it and update the wiki, but hopefully this gets it working for you in the meantime.

Hi eric,

Sorry for the long delay. Your steps were incredibly helpful, I was able to recreate what you did. Thanks so much!


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