RESOLVED: Opening any window component crashes TD HELP!

I am simply selecting open an a window component (for example the perform window) to display something on a second monitor and it freezes and crashes everytime. I have tried both HDMI outputs on my laptop.

There is no problem manually opening a window and dragging on to the second monitor.

Build 37030 Windows 10 version 1909

Do you have MSI, ASUS or ACER laptop? This is a known issue with those manufacturers installing bloatware on these machines. Search for “bloatware” in this forum for info.
I personally recommend a fresh and clean install of Windows when buying from these companies, only install what you install so you know what is on your system.

If you do not have one of these laptops, this is usually a graphics driver issue. Please update from, or depending on your GPU.

Hey Ben,
Yes I have an MSI, actually. Thanks for the information. I will do some research on this.

If I am not mistaken, a confirmed problematic one is the Nahimic software on the MSIs

yep, I saw that. think i will just do a fresh install, there are probably some other bloatware apps floating around.
thanks for the response and your help.

confirmed. this is SOLVED. I reinstalled everything without bloatware and it works.