RESOLVED: Poor MIDI timing / Behaviour on Mac

I’m using the MIDI In CHOP to receive an external MIDI clock and notes from a drum machine. On PC the note triggers and the tempo value are rock solid but the same patch on Mac produces a very unstable result. The tempo value changes by large values for no reason and note values become stuck.

I tried increasing the CHOP sample rate to 600 but there is no improvement.

Is there anything else I can do or is it a problem with Mac OS/TD?

Build 2020.23680

I can see the tempo value moving around a lot on macOS. We’ve logged this issue and will try to look into it, but it might take some time as our developers will need to setup something that sends them triggers and tempo, we don’t have a hardware setup for this ready to go.

Can you look at the MIDI Event DAT and see if you get better note trigger performance. You might want to look at it anyways, because when playing very fast MIDI notes the MIDI In CHOP can only be either on or off each frame (1/60th) of a second, so there is the possibility to loose notes when 2 or more arrive in the same frame on the same channel, where as the MIDI Event DAT logs all MIDI In events no matter the case, as multiple rows can be added to the table per frame.

Hi Ben,

Would changing the sample rate parameter on the midi-in CHOP not fix this issue as well?

Thanks Ben - I’ve switched over to the MIDI event DAT for the MIDI Notes - seems ok so far. I am receiving rapid notes on the same channel

I saw your other message. There was no specific MIDI driver required for either of the external hardware sources. The device giving me problems is the Arturia Drumbrute. The Elektron model Samples gives me a more stable clock. Is the only only way to receive the tempo value via the MIDI In CHOP?

I am seeing the tempo value very unstable from my Arturia Keystep as well, we have logged a bug with this but our programming team doesn’t have an Arturia device so we’ll have to see if its reproducible with another device somehow.

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I circled back around to this in some recent MIDI testing for TouchDesigner 2022 and both the tempo and note triggers are coming in stable now. Tested using MacBook Pro M1 and Keystep32.

That said, the currently posted build 2022.26590 does have a MIDI In odd issue where you need to turn on ‘Preserve Pulses’ to receive data. If you want to get around that you can use the hotfix mentioned in this thread Mac OS 10.14.6 can't show midi map - #5 by JetXS

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