RESOLVED: Potential bug when logging in player

I am using an execute dat with the following code:

import datetime
import os

def onStart():
	# make sure the directory for logging exists once this is final
	log_dat = op('logging')
	# final version add folder and take from top level parm
	log_file_start = '{0}'.format("%Y_%m_%d__%H_%M_%S"))
	log_file_name = "'{0}.'+str(me.par.n)+'.dat'".format(log_file_start)
	print(' - logging - setting log file to: {0}'.format(log_file_name))
	# set the log file name
	log_dat.par.file.expr = log_file_name
	# engage!
	log_dat.par.write = 1
	print(' - logging is now active....')

Works great with full touchdesigner, but with player it always seems to log in the main project folder no matter what I do - even if I hardcode some other subfolder - is this expected behaviour?

Nevermind… I need more coffee…I think this works - just forgot to create directory.

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