RESOLVED : Project problem on 2021.10330

Hello, I have to work on a project made in 2020.28110. When I open it in 2021.10330 it takes 5’ to open and after is blocked at 1 fps. In 28110 it open normally and the fps is 60.
Can you see if you can say where is the problem?
Thank you in advance.

Hello @jacqueshoepffner and thanks for the report,

Just had a look and it opens fine here in both 2021.10330 and the following builds.

However, quite a few assets missing… This makes me wonder if it’s related to the MovieFileIns you have around or other.

Are you testing this on your RTX computer?
Is everything updated on your computer?


I try it on my RTX computer. All the files are alike, at the same place.
Last nVidia studio
Last Windows 10 pro update
I will try to open in 2021.10330 without the files (changing name of folder)

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Perhaps some magic…
I opened it without the external files, ok
Reopened it with the files, ok
So, thats solved, I think.
Thank you,