RESOLVED: Saved .chan file not preserving names when imported


I am saving a .chan file. If I open it with a text editor I see that channel names are correctly preserved. However, if I import the .chan file into TD even if the ‘Name Options’ in File In CHOP is set to ‘Use Names In File’, channel names are not there anymore and it goes like chan1, chan2, chan3, …
Here I attach the .chan file along with the td project. Im on Windows using latest TD release 2022.32120

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Joan (218.3 KB)

Hey @Sandufi

Thanks for the report.

I was able to reproduce and this is logged for a developer to look into it.


.chan file format does not support channel names.
It’s a bit misleading in your file because they are included as a comment which is hard to see because of the long line length.

If you look at:

you’ll see the descriptions for .chan as well as .clip or .bclip.

If you need to use .chan you could possibly build a DAT network to remove the names from that comment to rename all your channels, or if you already know what the names will be, you could use a Replace CHOP to swap them in from a properly named CHOP.

Hope that helps,
Rob B

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Perfect, thanks @rob!! I dont need to use .chan specifically, is there any other way that would directly save and load CHOP data with their corresponding channel names? In what context the parameter “Name Options: Use Names In File” is used?

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Hi Joan.
Unfortunately the File Out CHOP only supports the chan format as its pretty light-weight and easy to append incrementally.
However I’ve attached a toe file which extracts the channels names from the comment in the chan file and renames the output accordingly.
Let me know if this helps,
testBug_names_fixed.1.toe (213.5 KB)

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Hello Rob, thanks that should work!!!