RESOLVED: Scaling Primitive Instance Geometry

Hello TD Bugs,
I’ve recently come across an issue instancing geometry and transforming the geometry being instanced.
I’ve attached an example file to show what I’m talking about.
The file contains 2 networks.
Both networks reference the same (SOP) point lattice for a position source, and are viewed from the same camera.

The top network Geometry node contains a poly sphere, with a blue colour.
A transform is applied with a uniform scale, which decreases the size of the sphere before instancing it onto each input point.

The bottom network Geometry node contains a primitive sphere, with a pink colour.
The same transform is applied with a uniform scale, but in this case, it appears to scale all the spheres after instancing, reducing the overall size relative to the origin.

Is this an expected behaviour?
Thanks in advance!
geomInstance_example.1.toe (7.04 KB)

Has anyone experienced this same behaviour?
I neglected to mention that this was on OSX.

We took a look at this and it does look like a bug, we’ll see if there is a solution.

Recommend using polygon or mesh for instancing at this time.

Thanks very much!

Hey, a fix to make this work with ‘primitive’ types is to change the ‘Instance Order’ on the ‘Instance 2’ page to ‘World Transform, then Instance’. This is because the way primitives are currently transform is by include their scale/translate/rotate to the world transform when rendering.