RESOLVED: TD 2019.365 Crash On Start (Bootcamp)

Latest build of TD 2019.365 is crashing on launch for me… it shows the startup screen, loading “NewProject.toe” and then app closes.

Im running:
Macbook Pro (Late-2018)
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655
Intel Core i7-8559U CPU
Windows 10 (1909) on Bootcamp.

I’ve tried:
-updating graphics drivers
-re-installing TD

Also tried installing an older build (TD 2019.20140) and getting the same behavior with this error on startup:
-TouchDesigner has encountered an error and must close, it will now attempt to save your current file to “C:\Users\FF\Desktop\CrashAutoSave.NewProject.1.toe.”
followed by
-Failed inside operator: /ui/dialogs/timeline/transport/units/group/text1
saved diagnostic file to
Please email this file to so we can fix the problem.

Unfortunately I can’t upload the dump file here because I’m a new user, do you have any idea of what could be happening?

Hey, it looks like Intel pushed out a driver update over Windows update that broke things. Can you try this build and see if things work for you? I’ve added some code to work around the new behavior.


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Worked like a charm :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick build - I’m new to TD so I’m not sure what bugs to look out for but I’ll let you know if I notice anything acting up.


Is there any way you could make that Intel GPU fix on the latest experimental build (365) ? I’m trying to open an Azure Kinect project that takes advantage of the new body tracker capabilities.

Can also wait till a proper release if it’s too much work!

Yep, we are putting the fix in both branches so the next builds we post will both be fixed. Thanks for testing it for us. :+1:

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Awesome, could you give me an idea when the next build will be released?

Build 2019.37030 has already been posted and includes the fix.
Go to ‘Experimental Builds’ at the bottom of the download page to get it.

ahh thank you - downloaded and launches perfectly!