RESOLVED: timesliced inputs to script CHOP breaks scriptOp.numSamples = X

Hi there, pretty easy bug(unless this is intended behavior) to reproduce, in a script chop in most scenarios I can set the .numSamples parameter just fine. However, if I have an animated, timesliced input to the script chop I lose all but what seems like the first sample in the script sop no matter what.

I should note, that if this is intended behavior, it’s not too obvious, but very easy to work around - all I need to do is put a trim chop down, and set to absolute before the script CHOP and this forces it out of timesliced mode effectively, and then the script CHOP works as intended.

I’ve attached a file for easy reference!

scriptChop_NumSamples_TimeSlice_Bug.1.toe (4.0 KB)

Hi Lucas, this is an old one but we got around to cleaning it up with warning that includes a tip on how to fix it.

Next 40k build.

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This is awesome! Is the variable isTimeSlice only on the script chop and persistent? Or does anything cause it to reset?

Yeah, only Script CHOPs will be able to set isTimeSlice, similar to numSamples, and will persist once set.

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