RESOLVED: Touchdesigner crashes seemingly randomly

Touchdesigner build 2022.31030 on windows 10 crashes seemingly at random (though often after being left alone for a while), without even leaving an autosave.

Debugged it w/ Windbg:
crashlog.dmp (76.4 KB)

Hey @thirstyice

Thanks for the report.

Is it occurring in the default project or while you let some personal project run ?

If it’s in an ongoing project, it would be useful if you can share it with us here or at support@

Can you also please share the specs of your machine and confirm that your GPU drivers are up to date ?


It does appear to be crashing in an external NDI library if that gives any clues what might be failing.

It’s an ongoing project. File has been sent via email.
Intel Core i7-9700K
32GB Ram
Nvidia 3060Ti

Will update GPU drivers + report back

Did everything mentioned here and uninstalled ndi tools, still crashing. Also happens on previous version of touchdesigner

Did you update to the latest drivers from
GeForce Game Ready Driver | 528.02 | Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 11 | NVIDIA

I have also noticed frequent crashes. Seems to be happening mostly when TD is not in focus. I am running Win11 latest TD version and latest nvidia studio drivers.

Edit: just happened to me 30 seconds after opening TD and it being focused

Yep, still crashed

Please post more .dmp files you are getting, as it’ll help us fix the issue. Sorry about this.

Hi @thirstyice, did you have anymore dmp files available, or any update on your crashes with that file?

Just chiming in, since updating to the latest-latest nvidia studio drivers I’ve not had a crash happen


I’ve been having crashes as well. I’ve updated everything. Here is my dump file
TouchDesignerCrash.2022.32120.1.dmp (950.3 KB)

The crash in that .dmp has been fixed, the next build we poste will contain the fix. Thanks for the report!

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is there a workaround or something I should do/not do until then?

The new build has been posted, so you should be good now.