RESOLVED:Unable to Save chans names to bclip,Bchan crash TD

1.Unable to Save chans names to bclip
2. Bchan crash TD

update :
clip format (full range) seem to keep file names.

dropbox link to chans : … s.rar?dl=0
Boxing.fbx (3.66 MB)
Capoeira.fbx (3.72 MB)

Have you tried the latest experimental?
There was a fix related to bchan (loading) since your build.

How are you saving the channels now that causes the crash?


yes - the bchan not crash now.

Added example of same model same rig different animation.

  • source model of animation
  • target animation that replaced with source animation.

maybe it will help .to you\someone.
TEST2.rar (6.48 MB)

So to clarify, in latest, saving .bchan doesn’t crash, but saving .chan file fails?

Whats the different behaviour in the latest rar?
It still fails?
What steps are you doing exactly?


Hi Rob sorry for not being clear,

All is fine besides two or maybe 3 cases,
can be observed in the example:

1.bchan and chan not playing like bclip and clip.
b\chan plays every 600 frames ( TD global play cycle).
while b\clip plays every time it reach the end of its cycle.

2.unlike the rest, chan not loading with same channel names.

3.not sure the hold,cycle parameters affect the channel playing
(maybe i`m not understand what it suppose to do).

I`m fine with it and will just use bclip or clip.

The example file just show simple case
when you want to save animation of source fbx.
and play it in target fbx.

for example having human rig that walk then change the animation to running.

Ah okay.

So what you’re seeing is to be expected:

.chan / .bchan is a very old format, predating CHOPs.
They don’t include names, and .chan doesn’t include sample rate.

.clip and .bclip are the native formats for CHOPs.

hold/cycle parameters only come into play when the CHOP is sampled outside its start/end range.
Depending how its setup, you could see the affect if you have a very long timeline
and are exporting a shorter non-timesliced CHOP onto something.

Hope that clears it up,