[RESOLVED] Unable to use Leap Motion in TD

Hi, I’m trying to use the data from Leap Motion in TD 2022.33910, Windows 11.

Installed the latest Ultraleap Tracking 5.12.0 software and I can see the camera and tracking feed in the Control panel but in TD it says Leap Motion library or driver not found.

I also tried to roll back to Ultraleap or the Ultraleap 5.0.0-preview+52386 or the TouchFree 2.4.0 - same results, no data is sent to TD.

Can you please advise me what could be the reason for that and if can I make anything to fix it? Thanks!

In the latest versions of TouchDesigner, the Leap Motion library is no longer included directly so you’ll need to point the node to the correct installation folder. There are some instructions here: https://docs.derivative.ca/Leap_Motion_CHOP

Let us know if you’re still having trouble.

Thanks a lot, totally missed reading that documentation! All works fine now.

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Hi, I’m trying to connect my Leap Motion with Gemini 5 to TD 2021.16410, Windows 10.
TD says “ensure the device is connected and the correct version of Leap Motion driver is installed.”
I have read the documentation and in the leap motion node the library folder parameter does not appear.
I hope you can help me, thank you a lot.


Support for the Leap Gemini drivers was only added in version 2022.26590 of TouchDesigner, so I don’t think it will work in the 2021 build.

The documentation is based on the current 2023 release which has behaviours, like the Library parameter, that don’t exist in the 2021 release. There is a menu near the bottom of the help page that allows you to look at the documentation for earlier versions of TouchDesigner, but it doesn’t necessarily cover every release.

In your case, I think you would need to install the version 4 orion drivers from Leap in order to work with that 2021 release of TD, or you can update TD to a newer version that supports the gemini drivers.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks a lot. I downloaded orion 4 and it already works with TD 2021.

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