[RESOLVED] Web Server Stops Responding When TD Window Is Minimized

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature but the Web Server DAT stops answering HTTP requests when the TouchDesigner window is minimized in Windows 10.

What makes me think that it’s probably more a bug than a feature is that it does not do behave that way on macOS.

One thing that’s for sure is that I would much prefer for it to continue answering requests while minimized.

@djipco you might check your preferences to make sure that you’ve unchecked Stop Playing when Minimized. I’ve seen this catch other folks before - generally you might want touch stop using cycles when you’re minimized… if you’d like touch to keep cooking even if it’s minimized you’ve gotta uncheck this box. :slight_smile:

Spot on, Matthew. Thank you so much! I did not even know there was such an option.

What’s strange though is that, on my Mac, the option was unchecked by default (I don’t recall ever playing with that) while on Windows it was enabled by default (or maybe I tripped it without realizing…)

Anyway, thank you so much. Now, I’ll have a coherent explanation for my students!


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