RESOLVED: Weird bug with .fbx

Ok so I get this weird bug when Im working with .fbx

I have made an .fbx file with texture from blender. When I import it on a touchdesigner project it runs smooth with no problems.

But as soon as I save and close the project then reopen it the .fbx get completely destroyed.

A quick search indicates me that TD can be a bit quirky with .fbx. Do you have any solution or idea ? Could it possibly be the textures ? or some parameters on the FBX comp ? or in the blender export ?

Running on win 64 with the 2021.16410 version. Maybe an update would fix this idk.

.fbx animation attached in .zip

sniper mp7 (830.8 KB)

Any help appreciated ! Thanks

Thanks for the report - I can reproduce the issue and will take a look into it. The issue seems to arise when the cache file (.tdc of same FBX name in TDImportCache) is not present, so in the meantime as a workaround you should be able re-import and keep that cache file in the TDImportCache directory next to your toe.

Thanks for the reply!

I tested and indeed when a .tdc is in the TDImportCache it seems to work. Will report if another problem is encountered.


FYI the bug when the cache is not present will be fixed in the next official build we release, 2022.30100+

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