RESOLVED: [Win10 2020.22080] WebClientDAT

Currently working alot with the WebClientDAT. Love the functionality and, in theory, works great.

But there seem to be some isssue with the closing of the connection.

  1. The onDisconnect callback only gets called when I disable the connection by hand using the stop parameter. From my understanding it should also be called when the response is delivered? Nothing groundbreaking, but with this it should also be called when the connection times out. (or maybe i got something completly wrong :wink: )
  2. When sending a request in the same frame as you received a response, the WebClientDAT just times out and does not receive any response. When delaying the request by one frame, it works. This hints at some problem with the connection not being closed in time. Also closing the connection before sending the new request manualy had the same results.
  3. Receiving a response stalls the whole process for a moment. The node reports a cooktime of arround .3 - 1ms, but the fps take a big dip (arround 3 -5 fps). Thats suboptimal for continous refreshing :frowning: Edit: After checking, markus’ WebComp does not have that stall but runs pretty smooth without dipping.
    Edit Edit: Did some more Testing. The Webclient indeed stalls the whole process and, because of that, makes smooth image playback impossible. Thats a big issue when using it in installations.)

We think we’ve solved all these issues for an upcoming new experimental release. Release date TBD.

WHat a pleasent suprise :slight_smile: Looking forward to the experimental!