[RESOLVED][Win10 64; 099 2020.20020] Bullet Solver COMP - No collision with FeedbackCHOP

Hey guys!

I’m exploring the Bullet Solver, which is pretty amazing by the way, and I’m facing a weird issue.

I want to create some Actors, but instead of letting them fall at the beginning of the simulation, I want to decide when each of them can fall.

I saw, that you can overwrite the Actors' behavior with the Feedback CHOP parameter, so I used a Replace CHOP affecting the active channel. However, when I do that, the collision doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Here’s a simple project showing this behavior.
If the button is set to OFF and you restart the simulation, it works as intended, but if you turn the button to ON, the Actors are going right through the collision actor.

Bullet-replaceCHOP-bug.tox (5.7 KB)

Am I missing something here?
Thanks for your help :grin:

My bad!

Since I wanted to modify the Actors' behavior, I needed to link Bullet Solver CHOP to the Actor and apply the feedback to those, not to the Bullet Solver COMP!

Here’s the corrected project file for future reference!
Bullet-replaceCHOP.tox (5.6 KB)