RESOLVED: ZED - incorrect hand data for 34 joint tracking


18 joints skeleton is perfectly working, but when I trie to use 34,
the joints of the ‘hand’ and ‘handtip’ is not working correctly.
It seems just these points are calculated from wrist joints.
I would like to use hand values and I am totally lost.
Is this a bug of TD or is this a bug of ZED?


Hi @losix,

thank you for reporting this, it’s logged and we’ll be having a look.
Could you mention your TD version and ZED Cam model?


Hi Markus,

Thank you for your help.
TD version is: 2022.35320
ZED Cam model is: ZED 2i


Hey Andras,

Looking at this skeleton listed here:

That seems correct offhand, at least for hand. What are you seeing?

Hi Malcolm,

I see that the wrist joint always falls into the same plane as the hand and fingers.
When I bend my hand and fingers, it doesn’t reveal any new information.

I received a response from Stereolabs stating that 34 joint tracking uses the same data as 18 joints. Hand tracking only operates with the 38 joint skeleton.

ZED has confirmed to me that those two joints don’t get rotations, the AI model is not able to track them. So what is occurring right now is expected.

Thank you for the reply.
And so…are the Derivative team planning to implement 38 joints tracking for TD? :slight_smile:

It’s in early access right now, so I was planning on waiting until it’s more finalized. I’ll ask them