Returning to default values after interaction?

HI I was looking for some help on the following situation.
I have an interactive screen with some shapes moving. What,

I want is that if there is no interaction, then the shapes return to the original default position. I first thought of an override CHOP but since the original values no change then the override does not take it. Any help will be appreciated.



You could have a script that only activates after a certain period of time, or use some logic to achieve this in CHOPs.

Hey @Rauleal,

to find a good solution, it would be important to know what drives the movement of the shapes in the first place. Is it interaction - like are they following some input or is it random?

Usually I make use of a count that is decreasing from a x value to 0 when there is no interaction. This way I can time out and return into an idle state without doing this too frequently.