Reverse incoming parameters in a CHOP

Playing around with some geometry - Using ADSR as an input to transform parameters

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I have limited the data with a -0.3 in this line of code op(‘null’)[‘adsr’]-0.3

    1. Is there an easy fix to this code to change the direction of the moving shape (it always is moving left with the code above).
    1. How do I put a limit on the input of data ( what I understand the code is clamping the transition from 0 to -0.3 how do i execute for example -0.1 to -0.3 in the same line of code instead?



You can use a Math CHOP. Input your value in the CHOP and change the range in the Range tab before exporting it to your geometrry.

  1. op(‘null1’)[‘adsr’] * 0.3 - 0.3
  2. op(‘null1’)[‘adsr’] * 0.4 - 0.1
    However, this only works if the input value ranges from 0 to 1. If the amplitude changes, you must update these values. It is much easier to make changes with Math CHOP in the Range tab.
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Just the quick fix I need! thanks, & my next stop is to work this out with a math CHOP