RFE: Ability to save single customized OPs to Palette browser or OP Create Dialog

Currently wishing for:

Ability to save single OPs (and any customized pars) to either the Palette or in the Custom tab of the OP Create Dialog.

Discussion: Palette for single OPs?

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I’ve always felt like there should be some way to do this - or even set different defaults per TOE file for parameters on specific ops or families of ops (like interpolation mode for all TOPs for example) so you could then set a “template” toe as your default new toe on opening TD

Also the “Custom” Op Family does seem very empty for all of us that don’t do C++ development… Even for those that do, I doubt it fills up even as much as the MAT family - so that might be a good place to allow custom pre-adjusted Ops to be stored and dropped from… AKA Right click an OP and choose “Save as Custom” which would maybe give you a file you could put in the “Plugins” folder right next to all those DLLs - or lack thereof…