RFE: Ability to select multiple arbitrary geometries to display in Geometry Viewer

The way I build my scenes, I don’t have all my Geos as peers, but rather they’re listed in the Render TOP from arbitrary places in my network. Unfortunately, this means that my Geometry Viewer can only see a sub-selection of what’s being rendered at one time.

It would be useful if the Geometry Viewer could be told which arbitrary geometries (and their children) to display.


I’m wondering, do other people just keep all their geometries viewable from one place?

+1 I had this need when I was creating a UI interface for an already built system. The interface had to display the rendered scene. This meant that I had to stick all my scene components inside one Geo COMP and use it’s Viewer as a panel for the UI. Hence, reshuffling all the references and custom parameters’ menu source links that were pointing to the scene components.

It would really help if the Geo COMP that holds the scene to display could have a list of scene components instead of physically containing them.