RFE: Ability to set per-OP-type default pars, per project

It would be cool if I could set default pars for all new OPs of a certain type, especially TOPs. Some examples that I’ve now set hundreds of times that I wish I could set as default for my project:

  • Over TOP > ‘Pre-Fit Overlay’ > default to ‘Native Resolution’
  • Transform TOP and Over TOP > Translate > Default units to Pixels, not fraction
  • Text TOP > default font, default resolution (as an expression), default color, default word wrap, etc

Imagine if you could right click on an OP and have an option “Use current parameters as defaults for new OPs”, and have all new instances of that OP (in that .toe) use those pars. And maybe another right click item to “Clear defaults”.



To do that you can make an extension that check what you are creating. Than set the preset devided for family. Any comp has Storage to store preset. (TDFunctions) , and the default value that will be loaded when u open the project. Than yes i agree, what u ask will be next level…