RFE: add documentation for menus of Point SOP etc

The Point SOP has some menu parameters, but they aren’t documented. For example:

op('point1').par.donml.val = 1

Could this info be on the wiki?

Hi David, could you clarify which parameter(s) you are referring to? I’m not seeing anything called ‘donml’.

By default the Point SOP is “Keep Normal”. I’m talking about that menu. It can be “Keep Normal”, “Add Normal”, or “No Normal”. The odd thing is that hovering one’s mouse over it doesn’t reveal its name, but I’ve discovered that it’s called “donml” (do normal?)

Try the code and see:

op('point1').par.donml.val = 0
op('point1').par.donml.val = 1
op('point1').par.donml.val = 2

Yeah I thought you might be referring to those menus as they aren’t expandable so you can’t easily see the tokens.

Thanks for the note, will look into improving them.