RFE: add extra cursortypes to Container cursor parameter

for an application I’m building it would be nice if there where some more standard cursors to choose from for the cursor parameter in a Container.
Specifically looking for one like this: (which is also the default TD move icon)

I see there’s already a bunch of cursors installed under /Derivative/touchdesigner88/config/cursors, can we maybe add some of these to the default list to choose from?

Muchas gracias!

Hey Derivative, bumping this RFE I did 5 years ago.

RFE: Add more cursors to Container COMP.

Ideally we could point to a .cur icon file so we can specify any kind of cursor icon, without having to bother Derivative ever again.
If that is too complicated, please add at least these basic types: (screenshot from Windows Control Panel → Mouse Properties → Pointers)


But apart from these we also need icons to indicate items under the cursor can be dragged, items are currently being dragged, and currently dragged items can be dropped here.
For inspiration see Qt Namespace | Qt Core 5.15.2
As said, being able to specify a cursor file could solve all edge cases.

Usecase: for any GUI App built in TD I need to be able to indicate items can be resized/moved/dragged. For instance for any 2d/3d mapping GUI this is quite basic functionality clients expect.
I know you agree with me if I see the amount of *.cursor files under C:\Program Files\Derivative\TouchDesigner.2020.46540\Config\Cursors :wink:


+1 for me.
I was able to do that in Macromedia Director in 2002 (most of you are too young to know about it, killed by Adobe), with just a single line of Lingo (the Directo internal programmation language), like “Cursor = 1” with 10 or 20 possibilities.