RFE: add method 'copyNumpyArray' to DAT & CHOP Class

RFE: For the Script DAT and Script CHOP to get the same method copyNumpyArray which would fill the DAT with the rows and columns from the numpy array, just like the Script TOP supports.

Usecase: For some sorts of data it’s inevitable to use DATs. But writing (lots of) rows and columns to a DAT using a Python loop is very slow, especially compared to the fantastic efficiency we recently gained with the option to dump a whole array of data at once into a Script TOP.
I currently work on a project which has like 10k samples come in per second over websocket, and I need to way to get a selection of the data in string form (like the last 1k string samples for instance) into a DAT every x frames.

And so, (said the very hungry caterpillar :wink:) , I would love it if the Script DAT and Script CHOP also supported a method to copy a whole array at once.

Thanks! cheers idz


+1 Sounds like a good idea!

update - just had another project coming in which will receive massive number of datasamples every second via websocket - need a way to dump like the latest 10k samples received into CHOPs every frame with least amount of performance loss - it seems copyNumpyArray for a Script CHOP would be a great solution to this.