RFE: add method 'copyNumpyArray' to DAT Class

RFE: For the Script DAT and/or DAT Class to get the same method copyNumpyArray which would fill the DAT with the rows and columns from the numpy array, just like the Script TOP supports.

Usecase: For some sorts of data it’s inevitable to use DATs. But writing (lots of) rows and columns to a DAT using a Python loop is very slow, especially compared to the fantastic efficiency we recently gained with the option to dump a whole array of data at once into a Script TOP.
And so, (said the very hungry caterpillar :wink:) , I would love it if the Table DAT also supported a method to copy a whole array at once.

PS yes, in a short while I’ll probably also start whining if the Script CHOP can have this feature as well :laughing:

Thanks! cheers idz

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+1 Sounds like a good idea!