[RFE] Allow join CHOP to work with an empty first input

If the first input of the Join CHOP is empty, the output will be too, even if the next inputs contain data. Conversely, a non-empty first input (‘left-hand’) will join properly with empty and non-empty ‘right-hand’ inputs. I believe the expected behavior would be to ignore empty left-hand inputs too and concatenate properly with the first non-empty right-hand input. This is particularly useful when joining outputs from different systems into a single stream that needs to be multisample, also, there are many cases when empty CHOPs make complete sense (sending cursor data, etc.) so ensuring the first input is non-empty is a no-go.

Hi @r-ssek ,

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve logged this in as an RFE. It does indeed sound reasonable in theory.


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