RFE: An additional way to pan around the network

The only way I know of panning is dragging an empty area, per documentation.

There are two scenarios I’ve run into where this is limiting:

Many channel CHOP:

Sometimes, a CHOP has so many channels, you can’t read their names without zooming:

So, then I super-zoom into a CHOP in order to review all of its channels:

But then I can’t see the channels above/below, so I have to zoom back out, and then zoom back in to a different area on the CHOP, which is tedious compared to just being able to scroll up.

Annotation Boxes:

Sometimes, when I’m zoomed in, I’ll drag from an annotation box title, not realizing that it’s not just an empty area:

It would be great if there was a way to pan around even if no empty network is visible.

Some ways I could imagine initiating a ‘panning mode’ no matter where you start dragging from:

  • An unused modifier+drag combo like Ctrl+LMB Drag (probably best, since it’s not dissimilar from the Ctrl+MMB zooming gesture)
  • Pressing LMB + RMB simultaneously
  • A zoom threshold beyond which moving OPs is impossible, and only network panning takes place if you start dragging over the middle of an OP



I totally agree with this. Dragging around is also pretty risky when you have a large network and especially if you are remoting into a machine via TeamViewer or similar. Once false drag and you end end up breaking elements without even realising.

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Additional thought: I would personally like it best if MMB drag was swapped from zooming to panning.

I exclusively use the mousewheel for zooming. So if there was a preferences toggle to change MMB drag from the current zooming function to panning, that would solve it for me.

This may not solve it for @Recursive’s example of TeamViewer because I’m not sure if MMB drag would get properly sent for the same reason thatTeamViewer doesn’t work for the value ladder, last I tried.

So, in summary, either Ctrl+LMB drag or MMB drag would be good ways to pan the network, imo.