RFE: argument for showInPane(parametersDialogue = True)

would be nice if there were an option for creating a floating network pane with the parameters dialogue active. Either an agument for this, or even a global preference for this would be nice, I find myself using ‘Open Floating Network…’ a lot to get at UI elements, and this option would save a lot of clicks. I know it isn’t a very high priority, but I can’t imagine its a very big lift either…

Is the pane being created in a script?
If so, can you use the showParameters = True member on the returned pane?


There’s also the builtin F10 shortcut key that will open a floating network on any UI element the mouse is over.

Can you describe your request in more detail?


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I’m using TDF.showInPane(parent()) in my script. It seems like ui.panes[(len(ui.panes)-1)].showParameters = True gets me the result i want, assuming the most recently created pane is always the last in the list of ui.panes. Is that how you would recommend accomplishing this?

Curiously, I was trying ui.panes[-1], as a negative number should get me the last string in the list, but that doesn’t seem to be working. I’m a python noob so perhaps there’s something I’m not grokking there, but shouldn’t that get me the last element in the list?

The showInPane() function returns the new pane, so you don’t have to search for it, just use that returned value.
As for panes[-1], you’re right, just an oversight that we didn’t implement in our indexing functions.
We’ll look into making that standard.