RFE: arguments for engine COMP

It would be great if we could somehow supply arguments to the tox that is about to be loaded into the engine.

Maybe via a dedicated/persistent python parameter that can be queried from the loaded extensions __init__()

You could use environmentvariables. Making Use of Environment Variables in Python | Nylas
Also, whats the reason for not simply using custom parameter? Esp. in the newest experimental you have some nice granular control over the different stages (loading, setting pars → starting), so if wrong values in first frame are a concern this should be helping.

that’s what I’m using as a workaround, but I’d prefer a cleaner and more integrated solution

Customs pars won’t work, because while the tox initializes, all parameters have their default values. And I need to do some work in init that is depending on the configuration

I wanted to say that the new experimental has exactly what you are looking for by loading the tox, but not starting it via setting the “Start on Initialize” to false. Then, after setting your parameters you just hit the start-button and fire the whole internal init-process.
Only problems seems to be that this, at least in experimental, is breaking custom-params in the engine.
But if this is fixed I suppose that is the intendet way to go.

guess I’m running into that issue/bug. I also reported it here

So if that issue is fixed, that could work