RFE: Copy-Pasting OPs produce the name or path in text context

Say I have an OP called “very_long_op_name_unfortunately” and want to reference this in a python expression or code. Currently I have to select the OP name, copy and paste that.

My wish is that instead, the pasting of an OP in a text context could produce the name.

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For now you can drag an operator into the textport, a parameter, or a DAT in order to get the path. I understand that’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but it will save some time!

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Thank you I was aware, just found it odd that the clipboard is ignored in this context, would be a natural thing to do in my opinion

Reviving this thread to say I’ve implemented the feature in my toolkit as Ctrl+Shift+C to copy the currently selected OP roughly as ui.clipboard = “op(‘<current_op_name’>)”

I’m planning to do relative/shortcut path resolution when pasting as well in the future.