RFE: Drag n Drop to Palette

Nitpick, but wishing for:

Ability to drag a Comp to the Palette browser from the Network to easily save it under My Components, rather than having to save tox to a specific folder and then having to refresh My Components before it appears.

Bonus: prompt for a custom name and also whether to overwrite if name exists.

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this functionality is here already… you just need to have a subfolder of My Components. Drag an operator to any sub folder of My Components and a tox with the same name as the comp will save there. If an op with that name already exists, the digit will increment. The palette doesn’t like doing destructive edits elsewhere on the machine, so even if you delete something from it, the operator is still in that folder; you do have to navigate there to delete it, then refresh to see the updated change in the palette, but you should be able to add whatever you want without issue

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TIL that you can have folders in My Components and that you can drag to them. Thank you Vince.

I should have read the documentation before posting: Palette - Derivative

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