RFE: Engine Comp Class - Add loadByteArray()

Recently Comp class gained the following feature in Build 2020.42700:

COMP Class - New methods saveByteArray() and loadByteArray() for saving and loading .tox files directly to and from memory.

Can something similar to the loadByteArray() feature be added to the Engine Comp, so that ByteArrays of toxes can be loaded from memory, instead of from disk?

Great suggestion. I know Greg is also asking for a way to point to the Engine COMP another COMP in your network, so you can package it up to run in another process, while still having it editable in your main .toe easily. Not quite what you are asking for but I can see both getting added.

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Actually thinking about this more, I think VFS is what you are looking for here.

You can throw your .tox into VFS and reference it from the Engine COMP. This is something doesn’t work yet, but I think that would be the workflow


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