RFE: Environment Flag to bypass Codemeter license check on start

Hi everyone. The Codemeter license check seems to slow down the launch of TouchDesigner by at least 4-6 seconds, even if a node-locked license is being used.

Perhaps a TOUCH_BYPASS_CODEMETER environment variable could be used to skip this part of the startup sequence? I’m guessing when a Notch TOP is loaded, the Notch Engine looks for the codemeter itself when the TOP itself loads, so hopefully a flag like this would still work with Notch TOPs needing to access a codemeter licenses.

In the CodeMeter Control Panel, under WebAdmin. Configuration->Basic->Server Search List. Do you have any automatic search in there? If you clear it out, does the startup start faster?

Thanks @malcolm . That doesn’t completely eliminate the license search, but it does seem to drop that part of the startup to 2 seconds. :man_shrugging:

Total launch to Blank project load time is about 9 seconds, with TouchDesigner.exe on an Optane drive.