RFE: FBX Comp Callbacks?

Is it possible to add additional callbacks to the fbxCOMP? It seems to have a built-in timer that is inaccessible. It’d be great to have similar callbacks to timerCHOPs such as onInitialize(), onStart(), onDone(), etc. This would enable us to know when an animation has been played through and trigger any behavior after its completion.

The animation values are exposed through the Info CHOP of the FBX COMP which you can use to trigger your own onInitialize(), onStart(), onDone(), etc.

However playback callbacks are something we’ll consider, especially as a means to standardize this functionality across other nodes (eg. Notch TOP, USD COMP).

Thanks, yes this is what I am currently doing. I wrote an extension that automatically injects an infoCHOP and chopexecuteDAT into a freshly built FBX and link parameters to associated extension functions.

It would be nice if this was built-in, however.

Yes, we will make more of these Timer CHOP-like features built-in to FBX, USD, Animation COMP, gpuParticles, Engine, Notch, Bullet … . Thanks for mentioning the callbacks, which I feel would be really useful.

Cool, thanks Greg!