RFE: Improved Text TOP Stroke and/or new Stroke TOP

It would be very useful in many use cases to be able to easily and quickly add a stroke in the same way that you can in Photoshop layer effect named ‘Stroke’.

Problem with Edge TOP: if you want to have a nice fat stroke, and try to use Sample Steps, it starts to fall apart:

Problem with Text TOP Stroke mode: other than a bug where it’s only rendering the first word, it also falls apart at larger values:


Problem with using blur + threshold: it’s not performant, and you can’t get sharp corners.

The most useful thing in my opinion would be a new op “Stroke TOP” that gives you similar controls to photoshop, such as:

  1. stroke width
  2. stroke position (outside, inside, centered)

and maybe some extra controls such as corner rounding/beveling similar to Illustrator

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