RFE: make Alt+N work with Comps

I use the Alt+N shortcut a lot (I have it mapped to a mouse button) to quickly make Nulls. However it doesn’t work with COMPs, even if they only have one output.

It would be great if:

  1. It worked the same with one-output COMPs as it does with TOPs/CHOPs/DATs
  2. It prompted you which output to make a Null for if the COMP has multiple outputs

Even if we could get #1, that would be very helpful. Thanks for reading.

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or for #2 would choose based on which output connector you were hovering over (since the output connectors light up when you hover over them)

Speaking of, I feel like the alt-n trick should really work on what output connector you are currently dragging off of - IE if you have one OP selected and start left or right-click dragging off the output connector of another op and then press alt-n, it immediately cancels the current drag and connects the new Null op to whatever op is selected. Having alt-n go off of the current drag (IE ignoring selected OP if a drag is “in progress” ) would be more helpful and also allow alt-n to work on COMPs.